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Sils Maria began as the solo musical project of Jeremy Linzee, and was at first a collection of songs started in Brooklyn that moved out with him to a small town on the North Shore of Long Island. Linzee named the project after a mountain town in Switzerland with an incredible meteorological phenomenon: one can stand on the top of a quiet peak and watch as a cloud formation rolls through the valley beneath.


This feeling of simultaneous weightlessness and groundedness is reflected in songs that are both dreamy and spare, snapshots and streams of consciousness taken from travels and people and childhood, floating around yet somehow rooted in the everyday, painting "somber portraits of the lives of people who seem to be themselves adrift and alone." Overlapped vocals and plainly plucked acoustic guitar ride amid a composed haze of reverb and delay, as electric guitars, basses, synths, pianos, and organs haunt the edges. All of this comes together in Sils Maria's debut record "East" which will be released in June of 2017


As East was taking final shape, Linzee looked around for a way to perform the songs live and Sils Maria began to grow. The band now has four additional members: Mark Tietjen plays Bass, Amy Tietjen sings and plays synths, Michael Chiaramonte plays piano and organ, and Nate DiMauro plays drums. With the new additions songs began to form and the other members have expanded and enriched the original pallet while still keeping the original aesthetic intact. Sils Maria is now at work on a follow up to "East" which they hope to release in 2018.





News & Updates





Sils Maria has a twitter account. Find us at @silsmariaband



April 1 will be our first NYC show! We are playing at Piano's, 158 Ludlow Street, at 9pm. Qasim Naqvi of Dawn of Midi will be playing a set right before at 8pm. He is amazing and not to be missed. He will be joined by Aaron Roche. Post-Rock outfit Eupana follows us at 10pm. Hope to see you there.



Thank you for all who came out to see us play at Piano's in April. We grabbed a multitrack recording from the board and have mixed the live show. It's up on bandcamp. Check it out at https://silsmaria.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-pianos



Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure that I announce the official release date for my record "East". It will be available on Itunes, Spotify, et al. on August 18, 2017. There is also a vinyl package in the works to be released following.

Many of you have heard rough drafts of the record which I have shared on bandcamp. The record has gone through extensive final mixing and has also been mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk who has also mastered records by Ariel Pink, Grouper, Mt. Eerie, and Morphine to name a few. He added beautiful space and polish to the sound as well as a deeper warmth to the record overall. He is a champion and after playing the record on repeat for days sweetly proclaimed it a "masterpiece."

Cover art photography and other packaging has been created by the amazing Ellinor Stigle @stigle.se. The record sleeve features a picture she took of the Atlantic Ocean at Ditch Plains in Montauk, my favorite place to surf on Long Island and as far "East" on Long Island as one can get.

Making the record has been an incredible experience and I have been blessed to have the fantastic support and encouragement of my wife, Virginia Bradley Linzee, the critical ears and pen of Erik Johnson, the amazing comraderie and musical partnership of the now expanded Sils Maria (Mark Tietjen, Amy Tietjen, Michael Chiaramonte, and Nate DiMauro), as well as guest musicians on the record Justin Keller (Saxophone) and Liz Merrifield (Violin)

Prior to August 18 Sils Maria will be releasing single tracks from the record exclusively on bandcamp: www.silsmaria.bandcamp.com with previews on our website as well: www.silsmariaband.com. Each track will also be packaged with a live versions of the song recorded on multitrack at our show April 1 at Pianos, and mixed by me. I will post here when they are available and look forward to your comments on them. Lyrics and Art will also be included.

We will also be announcing a show/shows to coincide with the record's release.

Track Listing:

Side A
Neue Galerie               4:09
You and I                  3:12
Soldier                    3:10
Plastic Bag                3:28
Kick at the Leaves         5:00

Side B
Algorta                    3:50
Night                      3:44
Letter                     5:52
Ruins                      2:27
Black Kites                4:28




"East" Release Today!

It has arrived! "East" is out today on bandcamp. Below please find link for purchase.




You can also find pre-release tracks on the bandcamp site with live versions form our show at Pianos last April. Looking forward to promoting the album with some live shows this fall and winter




"East" Release Party at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Sils Maria will be playing at Rockwood Music Hall, Thursday, September 14 at 10pm in celebration of the release of debut record "East". Come join us. Tickets here:








by Sils Maria

Sils Maria's debut East is set for official release August 18, 2017. Singles from the record will be released exclusively on bandcamp prior to the release and packaged with live versions of the songs. Stay tuned...

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